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Residential and Commercial Cleaning

A spotless Demor Clean is our standard no matter the space! Whether you're seeking a pristine home environment or maintaining a professional workspace, our dedicated team is here to ensure your space gleams with freshness. Our home cleaning services are tailored to provide a comprehensive and meticulous touch, leaving no corner untouched. From spotless kitchens to immaculate bathrooms, we take pride in transforming your home into a haven of cleanliness. For businesses, our commercial cleaning solutions are designed to uphold the highest standards, creating an inviting and hygienic atmosphere for employees and clients alike. Trust us to handle the dirt, so you can focus on what matters most – a clean and thriving environment.


Pick Up & Delivery Laundry Services

Experience the ultimate convenience with our top-notch laundry delivery service. Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting, washing, and folding – we've got it all covered for you. Simply schedule a pickup online, and our dedicated team will collect your laundry at your doorstep. We guarantee your clothes will receive the care they deserve, with precision in every wash. Enjoy the freedom to spend your valuable time on what truly matters, while we take care of the dirty work. Once your laundry is fresh and clean, we'll deliver it right back to you, neatly folded and ready to wear. Embrace a life of ease with our seamless laundry delivery service – because your time is too precious to be spent on laundry chores.


Law and Back Yard Care

Elevate the charm of your outdoor haven with our unparalleled Lawn and Backyard Care services. At Demor, we understand that a well-maintained lawn is an extension of your home, a place where memories blossom. Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your green spaces into lush, vibrant landscapes that captivate and delight. From precision lawn mowing to weed control and garden maintenance, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your property. Let us take the reins of your lawn care and revel in a backyard oasis that not only enhances the beauty of your home but also provides a serene retreat for relaxation.

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